Anonymous asked: "This might me an odd request - but can you draw a portrait of cléo de mérode? :3"

That’s a bit unusual but it sounds like a great idea ! I may not have the time to do it rightaway but your request is saved and I’ll draw that whenever I have some time for it.

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Some fem!ExR sketches I did over the past few days, mostly because I missed drawing their canon era fem selves, but also to practice and play around with different body types.

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In some ways, the term “pansexual” came out of biphobia and a need to stipulate that one was not transphobic. If you take the binary view of “bisexual,” then a sexuality specific to an attraction to men and women could be seen as being noninclusive of transgender men and women. On the other hand, transgender men and women want to (and should) be seen as simply men and women, meaning that they would/should be included in that very binary; not including them tends to be much more phobic and noninclusive.

Then there is the thought that the binary view of bisexuality can be seen as phobic of anyone who identifies as genderqueer, or somewhere along the gender and sexuality spectrum, not identifying as male or female, man or woman. But, as I mentioned before, the true definition of “bisexual” is being attracted to those who are the same as me and those who are different from me, encompassing all genders and identities. The often-repeated argument that “bi means two” ignores a simple fact: “Same” and “different” are, indeed, two groups.


via The Bad ‘B’ Word: A Need for Bisexual Acceptance

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My half of my art trade with the fantastic dersprout , I’m so sorry I have kept you waiting ! This is her oc Cordel, what a great design to work with !

My half of my art trade with the fantastic dersprout , I’m so sorry I have kept you waiting ! This is her oc Cordel, what a great design to work with !

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Please come and give us feedback. Tell us what character you would like to see next or any headcanons you have about the ones already posted. Tell us what you might think Marius’ dragon’s name is or what you think Grantaire does in his spare time. Talk to us! We would love to hear from you

Juliette talking about how I am apparently actually Marius (via lesroisdumonde)


Marius Pontmercy is human and grew up in the city of Paris with his Grandfather sheltered from most of the world. His knowledge of the magic community was limited to what he saw on television and had heard from his grandfather. Magic was dead. Magic is bad. So when the large colorful stone from his father that had been sitting on his self as a bookend hatched and Marius was suddenly bound to a dragon, he flopped  on his bed in despair only to have the baby dragon crawl on top of him and curl up. Having a dragon, a creature everyone had long since assumed was extinct, turned the poor boy’s life around. Hiding a dragon from his grandfather and the rest of the world was near impossible. Marius had no idea what a dragon would eat or what to do about his growing level burns and scratches. In an effort to learn anything he could he started asking around in the name of research and accidently found himself in the company of some darker members of the Underground. Asking too many questions about mythos means attention from curious mages like Combeferre and the black market. Montparnasse takes a special interest in the dragon and its human. Its Courfeyrac that steps in and is the first person to just offer Marius a place to go that is safe for both him and a firebreathing young dragon. And its Courfeyrac that makes sure to keep the boy and his dragon safe from the black market. Its also Courfeyrac, much to Marius’ dismay, who finds out that the baby dragon on coffee puffs smoke that smells like hazelnut and stumbles around the apartment as if tipsy. Falling in with the Underground is terrifying and Marius has no idea the proper etiquette to move in such circles. He also has no idea how to deal with the police brutality that comes with being on the wrong side of town. Its in the middles of a raid on a party on the banks of the Seine where someone had reported a charm sale that he meets Cosette.


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Les Mis AU in which Javert is a librarian, Jean Valjean’s “crime” is failing to turn in a book on time, and his library card’s number is 24601.

Those who falter and those who fall
Must pay the price
Which is 30 cents, seriously, I’m not sure why he’s running.