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6 hours of train plus half an hour of delay, a broken trunk wheel and a thousand rong turns later I’m finally arrived at my new apt ! phew.

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asterhythm a dit : City and colour, avett brothers, head and the heart, nickel creek, punch brothers, iron and wine, radical face

guildenfern a dit : first aid kit!!!!

littletaire a répondu : stornoway and laura marling are both pretty good!

eurvdice a dit : spring offensive is great, especially their song “not drowning but waving

Thanks everyone ! I know some of those, and i’ll listen up to the rest !

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sadcorekieren a dit : I DO. I HAVE SO MANY. i’ll make you a playlist on 8tracks. give me like 20 minutes. :) would you prefer sad or happy (or anything)?

Oooh thank you so much ! I’ll take anything really. I have a long train ride ahead to move to my new place and I need musical distraction…

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Hey guys anyone has some music recs around the indie/folk type ?

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  1. What’s your name? Juliette
  2. When’s your birthday: July BASTILLE DAY 14th 
  3. Where are you from? France the mother patria
  4. Have a crush? No my heart of stone is deaf to the distant call of love
  5. What’s your favorite color? Red but I bet you had guessed
  6. Write something in all caps: GOAT
  7. Got a favorite band/artist? Camille Saint Saens is metal as fuck
    also : the Killers
  8. What’s your favorite number? SEPT 7
  9. Favorite drink? Iced Tea in the basement with Zara 
  10. Tag Ten People: liniochtai
    your mom
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Anonymous asked: "can you share your brush settings, please? your art is gorgeous!"

Hello ! Thank you dear, I have answered the question a couple of times and you can find the answers here . Hopefully those will help :)
Have a nice day !

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